Microsoft Word 2013 extensive hands-on training course will provide the participants with the vital knowledge, skills, and techniques to use this electronic word processing tool for everyday business and personal use. The participants will learn how to apply basics to advanced features of Word 2013 within specific environment for their business progress, efficiency and growth. Participants will learn all necessary skills for their workplace productivity either required as an entrepreneur, employer, or employee. After attending this comprehensive course, participants will be able to discover the power of Microsoft Word 2013 and complete their projects independently in an easy, fast and skillful way.


Participants will be able to learn wide spectrum of concepts to create, edit and publish professional word documents, whether they are new to Microsoft Word 2013 or transitioning from previous version of Word.


Microsoft Word 2013 course provided by IPD is packed with high quality content, step-by-step instructions, plenty of practice exercises and offers exceptional value to course participants.

Who Shall Attend

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Junior to Senior Level Mangers
  • Writers, Bloggers, Researchers, Students
  • Small and Medium Business owners and Employees
  • Lawyers, reporters, journalists, administrative assistants

Requisite Knowledge

  • Working experience with Computers and Microsoft Windows
  • Knowledge of keyboard and entering information
  • Able to navigate file structure and manage files and folders

Required Material

  • Personal Laptop
  • Microsoft Excel 2013 Software (Free download available from Microsoft website for limited learning period)

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification

Microsoft Word 2013 course provided by TrainNorth will help participants in preparation of following credentials after fulfilling other essential requirements; if the participants are motivated to excel their career to a next level.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) after passing Exam 77-418

Course Objective

To enhance participant’s knowledge and skills using Microsoft Word 2013 as a basic business writing and communication tool. Our goal is that after completion of this course participant will be able utilize advance capabilities of Microsoft Word 2013 towards better business communication, management and growth

What Participants Will Learn

  • Understanding the Microsoft Word 2013 Environment, Backstage View and Ribbon
  • Create and Format highly effective and attractive Documents
  • Microsoft Word 2013 templates use, create own templates and modify
  • Auto-text and create a library of standard text
  • Creating Forms and Using Fill-in fields
  • Exchange with other Applications (Excel, Access, Project)
  • Inserting Headers, Footers, and Water Marks
  • Page Layout and printing Documents
  • Insert Graphics, WordArt, SmartArt, drawing and other features
  • Insert Table of Contents and Index
  • Outlining, expanding and collapsing headings
  • Proofing, Spell and Grammar Check, and word count
  • Mail merging, printing labels and envelops
  • Sharing and securing documents,
  • Track changes, mark ups and insert comments
  • Record, Save and Use Macros to automate repetitive tasks

and more…

Outline of Course

Module 1

1.1   Working with Microsoft Word 2013

1.2   Basic Editing

1.3   Character Formatting

1.4    Paragraph Formatting

Module 2

2.1   Managing Text Flow

2.2   Creating Tables

2.3   Working with Themes, Style Sets, Page Backgrounds, Quick Parts

2.4   Illustrations and Graphics

Module 3

3.1   Proofreading Documents

3.2   Formatting a Research Paper with References

3.4   Performing Mail Merges

Module 4

4.1 Maintaining Documents

4.2 Protecting and Sharing Documents

4.3 Advanced Options

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