PMI-SP is a short form of Project Management Professional – Scheduling Professional, this course is an additional skill which induces strength in your project management and handling approach, now a day’s project management is getting complex with varieties of inclusivity, advancement, complications as well as multifariousness’s, this course is globally recognized and strengthens the project management skills of a project manager.

Time is one of the major constraint in today’s fast paced environment, where every individual is bound by time and cost involved, scheduling skills accelerates the project functioning by programming various practicalities in an organized manner. Various rehearses, case studies and associated practice sessions   are involved in this course to enhance the learning of the students and to develop a sense of efficient scheduling professionals which enables students to pass PMP-SP exams with minimum exertions and utmost accuracy, this exam is structured in such a way that it not only helps newbie, but also expert project professionals to enhance their capabilities

Expertise of an individual is further fine tuned to develop strategies of project in a machinated manner, by the help of this course individual plans and structure project in such a manner that each activity is scheduled at its best.

Who needs to attend.

  • Scheduling Masters
  • Scheduling Managers
  • Scheduling Analyst
  • Project Managers
  • Project Sponsors
  • Project Coordinators
  • Group Project Leader
  • IT- Project Managers
  • Team Managers
  • Process Coordinators
  • Project Team Members
  • Team Coordinators
  • Process Designers

  • To empower learning scheduling of mission management
  • To enhance learning of creation of schedules and schedule maintenance
  • To induce skills of analyzing schedule as well as scheduling communication and reporting

What you Learn?

  • You will learn to know how test are being taken in actual examination through various method and ideas that are used in sample test papers
  • Practice session ascertains the elimination process and make sure that answers are written correctly
  • Model test papers are highly supportive, which makes you understand the time limit in which a question paper should be answered, in other words appropriation in managing your time.
  • Exam analytics helps in assessing the style of paper that might come in.
  • Learn how to increase your memory power for recalling through regular exercises
  • Specific style and types of questions that could come up in real examination.
  • Learn to design critical path methods
  • Learn Performance Indicators and Indexes estimations
  • Learn activity placing in networks as the presidency diagramming method


Toronto Ontario, Canada